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Our Story


An online boutique full of eco-friendly and personalised goodies perfect for your most meaningful days. With our enchanting designs and handmade creations, we’ll help you style your special occasion, say thank you or pick that perfect gift.

EST. 2020

I launched my first business Wedding in a Teacup in my spare room back in 2011. 2 babies, 6 employees, 3 awards and 4 office moves later we were still going strong helping creative couples plan their weddings and hen parties. Then 2020 hit... Gatherings were banned and the wedding and events industry was one amongst many to take a huge hit.    


As a company we had naturally progressed to baby showers and birthdays, so launching a new website to house these things had always been in the back of my mind. But juggling a busy business with looking after my two small children meant that years passed without me ever being able to give it a second look. With weddings off the cards for the foreseeable, now was the time to take the plunge and try something new.  


My motivation for launching Wedding in a Teacup was to offer couples an eco-friendly and stylish alternative to the mainstream. My motivation for The Paper Wild has stayed the same; I know my customer values experiences and feelings over things. They want to feel that they are making a difference with what they choose to spend their money on and to give thoughtful, stylish gifts without guilt. 


Fast forward to now - a labour of love later and The Paper Wild is ready! I hope you love it as much as I do. 2020 has been tough for so many reasons, and it has meant huge change here too. We are now based in a garden studio at my house in Sussex, which we love. I have not been able to take all of my team back yet, but I'm working my hardest to change this. Never has supporting small business been so relevant than today - you really are helping to keep people's passions and dreams alive. You rock!!


Love Hester x